Instrument No. III


Established in 2006
Rev. Leonard Lickteig and the members of
Friendly Baptist Deaf Church


Instrument No. III


The name of this church organization shall be called, Friendly Baptist Deaf Church of Hutchinson, Kansas.


ARTICLE II – Purpose
The purpose and mission of this church shall be to depend on the Word of God, the help of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit to do the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ as said in Matthew 28:18-20, and elsewhere by;

A. Every member shall help others to know how to get saved in taking the Gospel of Salvation to the lost, but will be instructed and led of the Lord in so doing.

B. After showing the lost how to get saved in the Lord Jesus, and upon having received Him as Lord and Savior, people that get saved shall be instructed as to their duty to confess Christ by baptism, immersion in water.

C. Christians shall also be instructed and taught in the matter of Christian teachings, Bible study, church attendance, personal soul winning, tithes and offerings, faithfulness to Christ, and by other scriptures seeming necessary to their prosperity (good fortune; wealth) and growth.

D. The means employed in carrying out the above shall be: Regular church services, prayer meetings, revival meetings, personal visitation, church visitation, missionaries—both home and foreign, distribution of literature, and any other means deemed honorable, wise and effective.


ARTICLE III – Authority
The Holy Scriptures shall be accepted as final authority on matters relating to faith and practice by the members of this church. (Add this to the article) This church believes that the King James Version of the Bible is the closest version to the original Greek and Hebrew text and will use this version as its basis.


ARTICLE IV – Government

This church has always been and shall continue to be an independent body of baptized believers. The Government of this church has always been and shall continue to be vested in its assembled membership, through its duly elected officers, and it shall never be subject to the control of any other ecclesiastical (of the church or clergy) body (Such as Southern Baptist Convention), and no denominational or associational representatives shall ever sit in judgment over its affairs (no people of any other church or association will be able to act as an authority over any of our church’s affairs). The church may fellowship and cooperate with other churches for the furtherance of the gospel when such shall be wholly in accordance with the scriptures, but no rules, regulations, or commitments shall be made to such bodies which call for more than voluntary action on the part of this church and any such fellowship and cooperation may be broken at any time by a majority vote of those members present and voting at any regular or special business meeting.


The Instruments of government shall be the Holy Bible and the Church Covenant – Inst. No. I, Articles of Faith – Inst. No. II. Constitution and By-Laws – Inst No. III, (Delete these items) Church Policy – Inst. No. IV.


ARTICLE V – Finance

SECTION 1. Scriptural giving is an expression of love to the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, it shall be a voluntary and free-will offering uninfluenced by any consideration of material or worldly reward. No solicitation, sales, or bazaars shall be permitted in the name of this church. Tithes and offerings brought into the general treasury of the church is the only method of finance found in the scriptures; therefore, it shall be the duty of the members to bring their tithes and offerings into the general treasury of the church. (I Cor. 16:2)

SECTION 2. Not less than 10% of the income of the church (building and special offerings exempted) shall be given to missions.


ARTICLE VI - Inner Organization

Every organization or society within this church will be an integral (complete) part of the church and not an entity (being, existence) to itself. They shall, therefore, have as their aims and objectives that of assisting the church in discharging the obligations and responsibilities which it has imposed upon itself, rather than having separate aim and objectives which always act as divisive forces. The pastor may preside over all such organizations or societies.


ARTICLE VII - Membership


Membership in this church may be acquired in the following manner:

A. Baptism---Any person who evidences a change of attitude toward God, and by faith in Jesus as the Son of God who died and shed His blood on the cross to atone for their sins, and accepts Him as their own personal Savior, and with all his heart is willing to obey Him and His Word, may become a member by vote of the church and by baptism be received into membership.

B. Letter--- Any person to whom the ordinance of baptism by immersion has been administered by authority of a New Testament church, may be a satisfactory statement of faith and letter of recommendation from a sister Baptist Church, and satisfactory statement of faith in Christ, may be received into membership upon the vote of the church.

C. Experience--- Any person to whom the ordinance of baptism by immersion has been administered by authority of a New Testament Baptist Church, and satisfactory statement of faith in Christ, may be received into membership upon the vote of the church.

D. Restoration--- Any person whose membership has been cancelled upon public confession of their sins or errors, and six months attendance after said confession that reveals faithfulness in attendance, Christian spirit, and liberality in stewardship, call for a special meeting with the pastor and deacons, or pastor and discipline committee wherein it shall be frankly discussed as to the individuals future intentions and relationship to the church. No restored member shall hold office for a period of six months following restoration. No person shall be admitted to membership of this church to whom three members object, casting their votes into the negative. Such voters shall, at the time or in a later meeting, state the reasons for such objections. If objections are not valid, said person may be again presented for membership.


Membership in this church may be dissolved in the following ways:

A. Letter of dismissal ---to the sister Baptist Churches.

B. By dropping from church roll—Members who seem to manifest inconsistency in their Christian lives, indifference toward the life and work of the church, flagrant sin, shall be interviewed for the purpose of remedying any weakness in their lives. It shall be within the providence of the pastor or discipline committee to recommend that said person or persons be dropped from the church roll.

C. Delinquency---Any member who avoidably misses all services for a period of twelve months or who refuses to support the church in a financial way (see Church Covenant) during the church year, shall be known as delinquent and the church clerk shall automatically cause his/her name to be presented to the pastor and deacons as such. The Deacons, having made the investigation, and said condition not being corrected, shall then without unnecessary delay, report such to the church and recommend that such member be dropped from the church roll. In no case shall such delinquency continue for more than two years. (I John 2:19.)

D. Participation in unauthorized meetings or secret meetings with members of the church shall be cause for automatic exclusion.

General duties of the members of this church shall be to acquire Bible knowledge, to progress spiritually, put away questionable habits and to live a life that would honor the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen His church. It is the duty of the members of the church to show this brotherly love (John 13:35) for all the other members of the church and to show this love by using all proper measures to promote their spiritual benefit and prosperity. It is the duty of members to honor, and highly esteem or regard their pastor (I Thess. 5:12-13) to pray for him (II Thess. 3:1-2): to submit to him in the Scriptural exercise of his Holy Spirit given authority (Acts 20:28, Hebrews 13:7, 17); to guard his reputation; to contribute toward his support regularly according to their ability.


ARTICLE VIII – Church Officers and Their Duties


A. The word Pastor means (Webster) a shepherd or spiritual overseer. The scriptures refer to the office commonly called pastor, as Elder or Bishop. I Timothy 3:1-5, I Peter 5:1-4, I Timothy 5:17, I Thess. 5:12-13, Acts 20:28, Hebrews 13:7- 17 are good examples of such and also show clearly that the pastor is to oversee and supervise the affairs of the church. He shall not only have the general supervision of the church, but shall have unrestricted liberty in presenting any matter he deems necessary to the church for its consideration and instruction.

B. It shall be the duty of the pastor to preach regularly at the church, to administer the ordinances of the Gospel (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper), and to perform the various duties incumbent on his office.

C. Pastor shall be the moderator of the church and present all its business meetings; ex-officio (by virtue of one’s office, or position) member of all the committees and organizations, which includes the privilege of voting, in charge of the pulpit, responsible for the supply of speakers. In legal matters the pastor shall act as president.

D. I Timothy 3: 1-6 and Titus 1:7-9 give the qualifications of the pastor. The life of the pastor and his wife should be an example of Godliness and spirituality. They should not indulge in worldly or sinful practices, which would tend to weaken the testimony of this church. I Thessalonians 5:22. No one who is addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors, drugs, or tobacco in any form; or who brings disrepute (bad reputation or disgrace) on his ministry through sinful language, practice, or associations shall be considered for pastor or having fell into such be retained as pastor, if such a course is persisted in. (Romans 12:1,2 and II Corinthians 6:11-18)

E. Because of the office, the pastor shall be counted worthy of double honor. I Timothy 5:17. No accusation shall be accepted against him without two or three witnesses. I Timothy 5:10.

F. No unscripturally divorced person shall be pastor of this church. Matthew 19: 3-9.

G. No person shall be considered for the office of nor serve as the pastor of this church whose beliefs and teachings are not in accordance with the articles of faith as set forth in instrument No. II or who will not declare himself to be Fundamental (Webster fundamentalism), Pre-millenial, Independent Baptist.

H. No person shall be considered for the office nor serve as pastor who maintains any connection with the FEDERAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES or any of its agencies: conventions or other ecclesiastical (assembly of people) body or bodies.

I. No woman shall be considered for nor serve as pastor of this church.

J. The term of the pastor shall be for an undesignated period of time and shall be left in the hands of the pastor whether so stated in the call to the office or not; unless dismissed by the church for sinful conduct or unscriptural teaching. (Add to the by-laws…or by violating any of the pastoral articles mentioned in the by-laws that are backed up with scripture)


Whenever it is necessary, by the death or resignation of the pastor, the church shall WITHOUT NECESSARY DELAY proceed to secure a new pastor in the following manner:

A. Seven men who have been members of the church for more than one year and who are not related in any manner shall be known as the “Pulpit Committee.” They will be entitled to the rights of such a committee either by previous appointment thereto and are therefore a “Standing Pulpit Committee” at the time. If such an election is needed, the church shall choose from among its male members the said committee of seven. Each must be elected to said office with a three-quarter majority vote or more.

B. The Pulpit Committee shall meet and elect one of it’s members to contact and invite to the pulpit of the church some minister of good report who is in accordance with and meets the requirements of ARTICLE VIII, SECTION 1. of INSTRUMENT NO. III, known as the church Constitution and By-Laws. He shall be in accordance with Instrument No. II known as the Articles of Faith. An interview is recommended. No person shall be invited to the pulpit of the church in said case without consent of a majority of the Pulpit Committee. Earnest prayer, seeking the will of our Lord, should be made preceding such an invitation.

C. It shall be announced in at least one regular public service previous to the taking of a ballot that the visiting minister is a candidate for the office of pastor of the church and the time for voting announced.

D. A three-fourths majority of members present and voting shall be necessary for the calling of a pastor.

E. The deacons may act as a Pulpit Committee either by appointment of a pastor or elected by the church, except in case of pastor’s dismissal.


A. The word, in the King James Version of the Bible which is translated Deacon, according to the Greek dictionary of James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible (word numbers 1247-48-49) means servant, aid, waiter, etc. The meaning given for the Greek word translated deacon in I Timothy 3:10,13 is; to be an attendant, to wait upon (Menially) or as in host or friend. The Greek words translated Deacons in Philippians 1:1, I Timothy 3:8,12 is given to mean; running errands as an attendant, a waiter (at table or in other menial duties, specifically to a Christian Teacher and Pastor. In Acts 6:1-4 the first servants were chosen by the church and were appointed to their tasks by the overseers of the church and were for the purpose of performing tasks as would free those in charge of the services for prayer and the study of The Word. Therefore, because this church accepts the scriptures as final authority rather than tradition; the office of Deacons shall not in any way be taken to mean authority over the church and Pastor.

B. The general duties of a deacon, aside from appointed tasks shall be to assist the Pastor in building up the church numerically (in numbers of people), financially (In wealth or money), and spiritually; to visit the sick, the sorrowing, and the needy; to personally strive to win the lost to Christ; to guard and protect the reputation of the church and pastor against gossip, lies and false accusations; to investigate delinquents (people who fail in their duties of the church) and to endeavor (to try hard) to remedy (cure) any spiritual weakness in the lives of it’s members; to cooperate with the pastor in the care, operation, and repair of the physical property of the church. Duties toward the Pastor shall be to pray for him earnestly and continually; to act as an host and friend in behalf of the church; to see that his material and physical needs are taken care of; to strive in every way to help him in the performance of scriptural duties.

C. I Timothy 3:8-13 gives the qualifications of the deacon and his wife, and they shall by the help of God, try to live thereby, the life of a deacon and his family should be one of Godliness and spirituality. They should not indulge in worldly and sinful practices which would tend to weaken the testimony of this church (I Thessalonians 5:22). No one who is addicted to intoxicating liquors, drugs, or tobacco in any form; or who brings disrepute (disgrace) upon the church through sinful language, practice, or associations shall be considered for deacon having fallen into such practices and persisting (Continuing) in the same, be retained (Kept in office). In keeping with the scriptures; gossiping, tattling, backbiting, undermining, holding grudges, violent uncontrolled temper, etc. are unbecoming (unsuitable, not very nice looking) of the office of the Deacon and if indulged (to give way into one’s desires) in by either a deacon or his wife, shall be grounds for their dismissal in the office of Deacon.

D. No person shall be elected to the office of deacon who has not been a faithful member of the church for a period of one year or more (I Timothy3:10).

E. A Deacon is to be faithful in all things (I Timothy 3:11); therefore absenteeism (Absent in the body) from business meetings or six weeks of church attendance without legitimate (lawful or allowed) excuse shall disqualify (cancel) said deacon and his office shall be declared vacant (empty).

F. There shall be at least seven deacons (change to at least one deacon), unless qualified men are not available.

G. At least a majority of those serving as deacons shall either be charter members of this church or hold membership by virtue (the action) of baptism into this church.

H. Deacons shall be elected at the yearly business meeting for a period of one year and may be re-elected. (Would like to change and elect every five years)

I. No one shall be considered for, nor serve as Deacon, who is not in accordance with the Articles Of Faith of this church known as Instrument No. II.


A. There shall be five Trustees. (Change to three as required by the State of Kansas) The term for office shall be for one year. Duties shall be to sign legal papers for the church and aid the Pastor by suggesting care and repair of properties. The Pastor and the Trustees shall be known as the “Purchasing Committee”. (Addition to this paragraph…The purpose of the Trustees are to aid in the government and decisions made concerning any monetary (Money) matters of this church.


A. Shall keep an accurate record of all classes, attendance, offering, promotions (Tracts, and pamphlets), etc. The secretary shall be a member of the church in good standing. Terms of office, is one year and shall be elected at annual business meeting with the election of officers.


A. Shall be appointed by the Pastor. (Would like to add… The director shall be male. The music that should be conducted in this church by the music director will be ethical Christian music and not have any worldly music in its context. The music will be accompanied by moderate instruments as to not draw attention to the beat and vibrations of such. Another requirement of the music director shall be to direct all music such as solos, duets, trios, quartets, choir, and etc.)


A. Appointed by the Pastor. (Would like to change to Pastor or music director)


A. Appointed by the Pastor. He shall be a male member of the church and in good standing. His duties shall be to select and train ushers for the purpose of seeing that people are greeted cheerfully, seated comfortably, taking the offering, keeping order, proper ventilation, and lighting and any other duties that are needful and helpful to the services.


In order to promote a high spiritual standard of this church, all officers, teachers, and committee-men will be required to attend all regular services of the church, except they be sick or providentially hindered (Bothered with bad weather), and the office shall be declared vacant after six weeks delinquency.


Before any officers of this church shall be officially authorized to perform the duties of their offices, they shall stand before the church and make a statement that they have read the statements adopted by this church pertaining to their offices, and they will perform their duties to the best of their abilities.




A. The annual business meeting for the election of officers and the reading of annual reports, shall be held on any stipulated date announced at least two Sundays in advance, between November1 and December 15, and all retiring officers shall relinquish their positions and all newly elected officers shall assume their responsibilities at 12:01 A.M. on January 1, following the annual election.

B. The moderator shall cause to be elected, or, if authorized by the church, may appoint a nominating committee of three (3) or more male members, not related, in advance of the annual election of officers. This said committee shall meet with the pastor prior to the election and after prayer, shall select persons from among the membership who meet the requirements and who will cooperate with the leadership in fulfilling the duties of the several offices. It is recommended that they be visited personally before their names are placed on the ballot or read before the church prior to the voting, provided they meet with stated requirements and qualifications and will cooperate. Persons must be nominated and their names placed on the ballot in order to be elected at the annual election. Vacancies may be filled at any regular or specific meeting of the church by means other than ballot.

C. REPORTS- The church clerk and the church secretary shall bring the membership roll up to date prior to the annual election, and give a report to the church at that time of number received and dismissed and number of roll. Report shall be checked by the Pastor or assistant clerk at least 10 days prior to the meeting. The Church treasurer shall give the financial report of the total of receipts, expenditures, and indebtedness of the church; Such reports and records shall have been examined by the auditing committee (trustees), at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. The Bible School Superintendent (Needs to be changed to Sunday School Superintendent) shall give a report of the work and progress of the Bible school for the past year. All the other committees appointed or elected, shall give a report if called upon to do so.

D. CHURCH CLERK-TREASURER Their duties shall be as follows: 1) CHURCH CLERK- Shall be responsible for keeping a fair record of all legitimate business of the church. Records shall be kept in the church office. 2) ASSISTANT CLERK- Act as a secretary in receiving information of those coming during the invitations (such as Baptism, rededications, salvation, etc.). 3) TREASURER- Shall receive and count all the money, deposit the money, and sign checks. Records shall be kept in the church office.


A. Business meetings of the deacons shall be called by the Pastor for acting the business of the church.

B. The Pastor and the deacons shall act as the Missionary committee.

C. The pastor and the deacons shall act as the Finance committee.

D. The buying and selling of real estate shall be done ONLY BY THE VOTE OF THE CHURCH. Indebtedness of over one hundred dollars (Change to $1000.00) or the mortgaging of the church property shall not be permitted except by vote of the church.


A. Special meetings for business may be called at any time by the Pastor when such meetings fall on regular times of service, provided such meetings do not include major business, such as selling of church property, amending the Constitution and By-Laws, and mortgaging property.

B. The Pastor may call special business meetings falling on a time other than the regular church services provided it be announced in at least one regular service prior to the date of the meeting; except it be for the purpose of selling the church property, or amending the Constitution and By-Laws.

C. Special business meetings for the purpose of selling the church property, amending the Constitution and By Laws or other major business, may be called by the Pastor provided said proposition or amendment has been posted and read from the pulpit, and the date and time of the meeting announced for at least two consecutive Sundays prior to the meeting and no other business except that which has been announced shall be taken care of at said meeting. Such business shall require a three-fourths majority of those present and voting.

D. A special meeting may be called by any member of the church in the following manner:

1) A petition stating clearly the purpose, date, and time of the meeting and the name or names of petitioners, shall be drawn by the church clerk and signed by him/her;
2) said petition shall be signed by five elected officers of the church, plus a majority of the regular Bible School teachers (Sunday school Teachers), plus three members at large who are twenty-one years of age or older and who are not related to each other nor to petitioner;
3) said petition shall then be posted by the church clerk and read from the pulpit for two consecutive Sundays prior to the meeting.


A. No secret or unauthorized (not okayed by authorities) business meetings are valid (allowed). No business beyond that of routine weekly affairs (normal activities) shall be carried on in the absence of the Pastor (Including his vacation).


A. Twelve voting members shall constitute a quorum to transact business, except in the matters pertaining to a Pastor, or for the mortgaging or selling church property, or amending the Constitution and By-Laws. Then, one-fourth the previous month’s average Bible School (Sunday School) attendance (Not including visitors) shall be proper number voting members for a quorum. (Quorum means; the minimum number of members required to be present at an assembly before it can validly proceed to transact business.)


A. A majority vote of the voting members present and voting at any constitutionally called business meeting shall be required, except when otherwise stated.


A. No amendment shall ever be voted on the Church Covenant (Institution No. I), Articles of Faith (Institution No. II), or the Church Policy (Institution No.IV)

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